Simple, profitable, genius

Introducing a wholesale home run

Tear & Toke is an inexpensive, re-usable, disposable pipe that caters directly to the booming recreational and medical marijuana markets. The best part? It’s already in high demand, filling a truly unique space in the rapidly growing retail cannabis marketplace. It doesn’t compete with your other products, and we don’t compete with your sales, selling only to wholesalers.


The value for customers is undeniable. The opportunity for wholesalers is unparalleled. Tear & Toke creates an entirely new convenience for cannabis users without competing with existing products in the marketplace. Simply put, there is easy money to be made.

In Demand

Inexpensive, disposable, practical

Keystone Pricing

Wholesale & Retail both benefit

Booming Market

Fastest growing market in the world

Small Retail Footprint

Hangs flat, in full sight, out of the way

Tear & Toke
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Customer Benefits

Tear & Toke is completely intuitive, highly useful, and extremely cool. No pricey vapes, glass pipes, dirty bongs, or hard-to-roll joints. Just an inexpensive, take-everywhere, easy-to-use solution that fits discretely in your wallet or purse.

  • Portability means customers can stash them in their wallets, purses, pockets, carry-ons, desk draws, glove boxes, backpacks, art kits, etc.
  • Inexpensive and can easily be disposed of discretely
  • Sold in 3 pipe sets for sharing, stashing, and enjoying everywhere
  • Low-cost alternative to pricey, breakable pipes and hard-to-roll joints
  • Convenience, ease, and novelty that are perfect for marijuana tourism

Retailer Benefits

Tear & Toke requires zero retail footprint, hanging behind the register in the highly-visible space once reserved for pre-paid calling cards. Retailers also appreciate the low inventory cost that creates higher profit margins than their other smoking accessories. Portable and disposable, Tear & Toke is purchased again and again ensuring fast, profitable sell-through.

It’s one-of-a-kind, dirt cheap, fun, smart, sharable, giftable, and encourages word-of-mouth advertising from the first puff.

  • Highly visibile
  • Small retail footprint
  • Hangs flat
  • High profit margin
  • Repeat purchase
  • Word of mouth advertising

Wholesale Opportunity

For wholesalers, Tear & Toke is ready for takeoff. Not only does it create an entirely new smoking accessory category, it’s priced to become a repeat purchase, add-on item. Our product, and our direct manufacturer pricing is available only to wholesalers. That means we don’t compete, and only complement your current inventory. Tear & Toke ships in wholesale pack cases of individually shrink wrapped and barcoded retail packs of 20-Tear & Tokes each. We make everything easy – Tear & Toke is undoubtedly a Wholesale Home Run.

Direct Manufacturer Pricing
Available and sold only to wholesalers

Keystone Pricing
Wholesalers & Retailers both benefit

Pack Cases
Conveniently and efficiently shipped

New Smoking Accessory Category
Drives new sales without competing

Zero Counter Space
Excellent footprint to profit ratio

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Discover even bigger distribution opportunities

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No time like now

There are currently 31 U.S. States that have legalized medical & recreational marijuana. That number grows each year as public opinion shifts and legalized status becomes the norm.

The retail market continues to see a significant boost in demand for cannabis accessories. Customers love a discrete, disposable product they can use in a moment’s notice. Tear & Toke goes anywhere, is ready anytime, and travels with no concerns of getting through security.

  • Enthusiasts, Novices & Connoisseurs
  • Cannabis Tourists
  • On-the-go smokers
  • College students
  • Business Professionals
  • World travelers
  • Daily commuters
  • Outdoor junkies
  • Great Gifts

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